The movies of operations by experts are all collected, including laparoscopic gastric operations and the most advanced robotic operations. We are showing those technologies fully live with comments. This is what MISEWAZA can achieve to have enabled us to show such important movie files of our techniques. Please watch the practicing scene in our movie for your operations tomorrow.

MISEWAZA Gastric cancer Show the Expert techniques

Seigo Kitano
Oita University
Nobuhiko Tanigawa
Tanigawa memorial Hospital
Ichiro Uyama
Fujita Health University School of Medicine

Haruhiro Inoue
Showa University Nothern Yokohama Hospital
Tetsu Fukunaga
St.Marianna University School of Medicine Hopital
Naoki Hiki
The Cancer Institute Hospital of JFCR

Eiji Kanehira
Medical Topia Soka